21 AUGUST 2018

Please find below a playlist for the very first  broadcast of Floating Radio.  I hope you like it.  These selections stake out some territory for what Floating Radio can become.  For a general idea of what you might expect to hear on this show, check out the About page

The opening track this week is Impressions of Footfall by Origamibiro, a Nottingham, UK collective of musicians, sound artists and visual artists.  I think this is a great selection for demonstrating how the inclusion of field recording can add depth to contemplative listening.  It blends nicely into Peter Broderick’s four track recording of Piano and Rain for the same reason.  Rachel Boyd‘s 2011 Push Through Little Bee is a summertime favorite that also includes wonderful allusion to field recording and some interesting phrasing on strings.

Max Richter’s Infra 2 (2010) bookends this show’s academic selection this week of the landmark The Sinking of the Titanic  by Gavin Bryars.  This was the second release on Brian Eno’s Obscure Music label way back in 1975.  It’s over 20 minutes long and weaves together oral history and ambient music in a brilliant composition.  Bryars has said he was inspired by survivor accounts recalling the distorted sound of the band playing as the ship sank.  I think he does a masterful job of recreating an impression of the resonance of the ship’s hull, and how that music might have sounded as it traveled through the water that woeful night.  Jóhann Jóhannsson‘s The Drowned World seems an appropriate follow.  I still feel his passing earlier this year, and I’m glad his work is included here.

Scale of Volatility, from Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch‘s 2015 album Like Water Through the Sand and Ryan Teague’s 2014 title track Block Boundaries  seem two perfectly matched syncopated tracks before slowing down for a pairing of Icelandic acts with deep ties and close collaboration.
In building this week’s playlist, I pulled from some of my longtime favorites — Hildur Gudnadóttir‘s Casting from her 2010 album, Mount A, and Múm‘s 2004 Green Grass of Tunnel .  The album, Finally We Are No One has been on steady rotation for years.  Though Floating Radio de-emphasizes a more conventional singing, I just love this Múm song and, HEY!  I have a radio show! 
William Ryan Fritch is a new discovery of mine, and I’m enjoying his 2014 recording, Leave Me Like You Found Me.  I’ve selected Sun on Cold Skin , also with some interesting vocal work, for this week’s show.  I  may feature more of his newer work in the coming weeks and months.  
More amazing vocal work by way of Julianna Barwick‘s Vow.  She’s awesome and I’m a big fan of all her recordings. 
And another long-time favorite for evening listening, Starts of the Lid‘s Mullholland from their 2001 album, The Tired Sounds Of…
Three tracks that I think work especially well together, E Ruscha V’s Lights Passing By from Who Are You (2018), Hauschka & Stefan Schneider’s Common Exposure
(2010) from the incredible sampler series called Explorer’s Club off of the LoAf label, and Slow Meadow‘s 2017 track Ships Along the Harbor from Costero.
Natalie Holt is an incredibly accomplished composer, but I’ll confess she’s a new discovery for me.  I watched a bit of the BBC series “My Mother & Other Strangers” and I appreciated right away the unhurried and intelligent soundtrack.  I looked it up and, though it was difficult to find, I managed to locate a ‘pay what you like’ download.  I think Andrew Bird‘s Echolocation albums are outstanding.  I’ve been listening to the second installment, Echolocations:River for several weeks and something about it seems to really complement Natalie Holt’s Rose Theme.
I close out the show this week with a couple up-tempo songs to help you greet your day!  Amiina is another long-time favorite of mine, so expect this Icelandic group to be a mainstay.  I love this track, Crocodile from their 2016 album, Fantômas.  Haiku Salut, an all-female trio from Derbyshire Dales, UK is another favorite of mine.  Los Elephantes from their debut release, Tricolor (2013) is a personal and family favorite, so it closes out the week.


Artist: Origamibiro
track: Impressions of footfall
Album: Shakkei
Year: 2013

album cover for Four Track Songs by Peter Broderick featuring a still life of orderly arranged guitars and a banjo

Artist: Peter Broderick 
track: piano and rain
Album: four track songs
Year: 2009

Artist: rachel boyd
track: push through little bee
Album: back in your box
Year: 2011

cover of Max Richter's album, Infra. Black and White close-up photograph of a single closed eye. the eyelashes are in focus but the image becomes blurry and distorted toward the edges of the image. the rest of the face is indistinct.

Artist: max richter
track: infra 2
Album: infra
Year: 2010

cover art from Gavin Bryars 'The Sinking of the Titanic a dark album cover with the photograph of a tall apartment building.  One square of the photo is illuminated, or rather, not blacked out.  All of the album art for each release of the Obscure Music record label is coordinated.  Each album employs the same photographic image, but different squares of the image are illuminated on each cover.

Artist: gavin bryars
track: the sinking of the titanic
Album: the sinking of the titanic/ jesus’ blood never failed me yet
Year: 1975

album cover for Johann Johannsson's Orphee.  An abstract image of a black, near perfect circle bisected by a very thin black line.  the boundaries of the square image are speckled with black very fine spots.  almost like mist. and the weight of these black spots concentrates at the circle in the middle, giving the sense of an impression, or an indentation.

Artist: jóhann jóhannsson
track: the drowned world
Album: orphee
Year: 2016

Artist: emilie Levienaise-Farrouch
track: Scale of volatility
Album: like water through the sand
Year: 2015

Artist: ryan teague
track: block boundaries
Album: block boundaries
Year: 2014

Artist: hildur gudnadottir
track: casting
Album: mount a
Year: 2010

Artist: william ryan fritch
track: sun on cold skin
Album: leave me like you found me
Year: 2014

Artist: Múm
track: green grass of tunnel
Album: finally we are no one
Year: 2004

Artist: julianna barwick
track: vow
Album: the magic place
Year: 2011

album cover art is mostly mustard yellow with a small orange half-circle that is perhaps beads or maybe the impression of something round on fabric. text of artist and album name is in black letters

Artist: stars of the lid
track: mullholland
Album: the tired sounds of
Year: 2001

album cover art is pastel blue and pink, with three prominent yellow and orange wavy streaks, almost like a river, running through the softer tones.

Artist: e ruscha v
track: lights passing by
Album: who are you
Year: 2018

album art is like a cartoon in blue ink on newsprint or low quality paper. depicts a penguin ina biplane, dressed in old fashioned pilots garb with goggles and a leather bomber jacket and helmet. the plane is doing a loopdie-loop. this artwork is similar to all the covers of the Explorer's Club series, of which this is volume 7.

Artist: hauschka & stefan schneider
track: common exposure
Album: explorer’s club: 7. belfast-reykjavik
Year: 2010

Artist: slow meadow
track: ships along the harbor
Album: costero
Year: 2017

cover art for the BBC television series My Mother and Other Strangers depicting a woman in WW2 period clothing, beside a boy of about 10 playing with a toy airplane.  both are walking up a village street.

Artist: natalie holt
track: rose theme
Album: my mother & other strangers soundtrack
Year: 2018

album cover depicting an impressionistic photograph with heavy angles from which one can determine the subject is a concrete cannal, partly in shadow, with very blue water, almost completely still but just the faintest ripples.  there is no printed text on the cover

Artist: andrew bird
track: lazuli bunting
Album: echolocations: river
Year: 2017

Artist: amiina
track: crocodile
Album: fantômas
Year: 2016

Artist: haiku salut
track: los elefantes
Album: tricolor
Year: 2013

Artist: KILN
track: willowBrux
Album: meadow:watt
Year: 2013

Coming Up ...

Float by again next week to hear Anna Rose Carter, Hauschka, Nils Frahm, Gabriela Parra, and a quick homage to Moondog.  The academic focus for the week is Pauline Oliveros — we’ll hear from her classic Deep Listening work with Stuart Dempster and Panaiotis, as well as her collaboration with John Most.  Meanwhile, if you’d like to recommend music for a future broadcast, please drop me a line.  Thank you for listening.    

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