Transmitting from the moonlit campus of Muhlenberg College, 4-6 a.m. on Tuesday mornings.  Listen live from the WMUH website or on TuneIn.

Floating Radio

This program brings together artists working within and beyond post-classical, ambient, contemporary classical, electronic, minimal, avant-garde, and experimental genres. More, this program explores generative music, or music that is algorithmically derived.  I keenly select for elements of glitch, or the intentional use of malfunctioning or adapted audio equipment and instruments.  I am fond of artists’ use of prepared instruments, perhaps a fork placed atop piano strings, or a staple bent across guitar strings.  Prepared instruments possess temporary modifications that change intensity, pitch, tone, timbre, and other sonic qualities.  Whenever possible, I also like to spotlight musicians using found sound, field recordings, and speech as elements for musical composition.

Take a breath, Listen, and Float

To float means to rise. Floating is being bolstered by waves or carried on wind. It is the opposite of falling.  Things tend to not float on their own.  Aid is implicit, help is required. The Floating Radio show airs very early, at least locally (Eastern U.S.A.). This is intentional. There is something so special about this time of day. Some of us are early risers. Others see this time from the back side of their day.  But for everyone, over these two hours, rest or renewal is our subtext.

Perhaps we’re caregivers to the very young, or the very old. Night shift laborers. The nocturnally studious. The creative. The contemplative. The ill, the injured, or the healing. Some of us may be ecstatic at this hour. Others mournful. Many of us medial. Meandering between sleep and wakefulness. But we’re together thanks to radio, and music can be our bond.


Like most programming on WMUH, it is my aim to showcase artists and performers who may have a difficult time finding an audience on radio stations with more conventional formatting.  In that spirit, Floating Radio is committed to equitable representation of artists on this program. This is difficult to achieve relying solely upon the catalogs, recommender services, and releases available through established labels. So, if you know the work of Global South artists, artists of color, LGBTQ+ artists, and/or neurodivergent artists working within these preferred genres of music yet not represented on this program, please (pretty please) make me aware of them and their work. I appreciate your assistance very much.

You can alert me to music I should be playing by emailing me, by filling out this website’s ‘Discover’ form, or by tweeting @floatingtim with your very welcomed recommendations.

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